The Weather

The weather lately has mirrored my mood. It’s dark and cries a lot. My mind is stuck in a dark spot. It’s very gloomy and storms often. The sky is crying more then normal. I woke up with tears in my eyes. I walked outside and the sky was crying, also.

When I was happy I would walk in the rain. I would look up and smile. Now when it rains it gives me more ways to hide. I can hide from friends and I can hide my tears. Standing out in the rain with tears coming down my face. I hear thunder, then the lighting strikes. It’s storming again, just like my mind.

I fear tomorrow the sun will be out. I am not ready to face it. I need more time to hide. I need to hide my tears. I need more time to hide away. The world has been so dark just like how I feel.

When I wake up and the sun is shining on me, I cover my eyes. I just don’t want to see the brightness. I am not ready to be out of my darkness. I put on a fake smile and go to work. I try all day to not cry.

I get in the car and sky is crying just as I am, all the way home. It’s storming again tonight. It makes it easy to stay home; home, where I am safe from everyone. I am not ready to fake happy. My mind is still dark with storms. and just like the weather I have been crying more then usually. Maybe tomorrow the sun will be out. Maybe tomorrow my world won’t be dark. Maybe the skies will stop crying, and so will I…



I follow the footsteps, but I get tired. I look around. There is chair; I sit in it. I enjoy the waves and the sunset. The footsteps are big. They seem like they start running. What are they running too? Or from? I don’t see any other foot prints but mine. Maybe I am walking in some one else’s foot prints?

I’m in no hurry. I like to look around take it all in. What’s the hurry? Why are they running? Who are they running from? Are they running to someone? I don’t want to follow in someone else’s footprints. I want to make my own. I bet if I sit here long enough the waves will erase the footprints. Well then, who or what will I follow? I have traveled this far aloneĀ  I guess the future will be the same.

I did feel excited when I was walking by the foot prints but when they ran I sat down. I am not in that much of a hurry I would rather enjoy where I am. I love it the sunset is so pretty tonight.

Maybe I was put on this earth to be alone. Maybe I will find someone who wants to walk by my footsteps. I’m not going to worry about what I can’t change. I am just going to rest, take in the sunset, and let the waves reset the footprints

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