Cat nap

I am awoken by a dog barking. The the big ball of fire isn’t even up yet. Lately it really doesn’t matter what time I roam around. It seems like there is more cats and dogs out then humans.

No one wants to even pet me anymore. Lots of dogs are out so I can’t even sneak in back yard. I am out roaming for food and for any kind affection. People seem scared when they see me. I don’t understand. What have I done so wrong that no one wants me? I am hungry and my normal places have no food out.

Where are all the humans? Where is all the good food. Every human I see out has a dog with them. Dogs are fun to play with but not when the humans have them. The little humans seem to still like me. They always call me and pet me. They don’t seemed to be bothered. From what ever has these humans scared. I have talked to my kitty friends. They have no idea. All they know is there is no food any where! I see my normal human friends. They also roam the streets with me. They said your lucky kitty! You can’t get this thing that killing us. Omg I hope my human is safe! I know he left me to roam this damn world alone. I still remember my human I miss him every night. I wonder if even thinks about me? I am sure he has another kitty where ever he is. If I ever see my human again I would forgive him. I would love to stop searching for a safe place to sleep and eat. No other human seems to want me. I have given up on even looking. Well the dog has stopped barking. The ball of fire is still hidden. I found a comfy little spot. Back to my cat nap……

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