That’s what I like to call us. We have all came from all different places in the world. Some how we have all met each other. We have all shared some great memories. I would say we all bring something different to the table. No matter where we all have came from we found each other in Wilmington Nc.

Most of us do not have “family” here. We have all adopted each other. At no point are any of us all “alone”. If it’s a birthday or holiday we will get each threw it.

Just like “family” we have some new members and some people leave. We all look out for each other no matter what. We don’t have to talk every day. We always no where every one is and how they are.

Out of all the places I lived I have never had friends like I have here. We welcome every one no matter what. In the 5 years I have lived here. I have gotten to do some amazing things.

We all have been down on luck at some point. We can always count on each other. We may have a spat from time to time but we all love one another. For one person weakness there is always some one to to help them out.

I never feel like I am all “alone” here. Even though all of my family except ,my boys ,live many miles away.

If I had never met this group of people . I would never have known how fun life can be. No matter where I end up living years from now. Wilmington will alway be my “home”. I hope to never lose touch with my Wilmington friends. I will forever love all of them.

We are alway finding people to join our dysfunctional family. People are always moving in to Wilmington. It’s so great to meet new people. It’s sad when people move away. We keep in touch with them and hope they return at some point. It gives us great places to travel. I look forward to many more adventures with my family.

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