Searching for my friend

I was out playing with leaves. I see another kitty. I ask him did you see my friend I was playing with a little while ago. He says forget that old Tom cat. I said NO it’s not like that. Well he left you out her all alone he must not care to much. He told me he would never ever leave me.

Maybe he is hurt some where. Silly kitty he isn’t hurt. He is out playing with another kitty. Never mind him you have me. Well “ok” I guess let’s play.

I play for a couple of days with him. I find my self still looking for him. Maybe he is hiding to see if I would try to find him. I used to do that. Maybe he is having more fun with out me. Maybe he is lost maybe he can’t find his way back to me. Well I am still playing with other kittys.

Kitty says to me get over that old “Tom” cat! You only played with him for a short while move on!

No one understands he was “different ” then any of the Tom cats. He was special, well I thought he was. I don’t know what to think any more.

Where did he go? Maybe I should keep searching for him. Maybe he doesn’t want me to find him. I will just stay put for awhile. Maybe he will miss playing with me. Maybe he will find me. Till then I will keep just playing with who wants to play with me. When I go to sleep I get to play with my friend he is still there.

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