No more nice kitty

Playing nice has gotten me no where. I give up on finding my forever home. I am just going to find the best home that fits for the time. Yes I have judged other Kittys for doing that but…., What ever. I have played by the rules. I behaved my self I took care of every one. I have gotten nothing but thrown out and left.

I am in search the best house and who ever can feed me the best. I will not get attached to them. I no they will not be my forever. I am almost positive I will walk this world alone. So I am in search of food and comfortable place.

I found a nice place he seems nice. Well nice enough. He has some nice food and comfortable bed. He seemed like he wanted to play with me. I will stay here for a bit. Till I find another place. I have learned not to get to get comfortable. He asked me if he could pet me? Sure why not I like some one to pet me. Then he grabbed me! O hell no I am out of here! Nice house but um nope next!

Well the days are getting shorter and it’s getting chilly. If I don’t play nice I will have to be out in this cold! I literally have no energy to even go look. I walk by all theses houses and I see all these Kittys have a forever home. What do they have that I don’t. Why them and not me???

I crawled up and slept I feel like it was days. I was hungry for some food found some then right back to sleep. Ugh I am never going to find even a temporary home if I can’t find the energy . Maybe that horrible man will come and take me to kitty jail. This time my guy won’t come get me out. At least I will have food and place to sleep for awhile.

I hear Kittys playing they awaken me. They say ok enough is enough get up and play!!!! They said who cares if you lost your forever. We all have!! We got up and played and found fun. I said I am to tired to have fun. I don’t want to play any more. They said no one likes a sad kitty so you better find away to go play.

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