Single with kids!

O this is fun! No one said ever! I can tell you being a single parent for 9 years! Sucks! Don’t ever ever judge any one who is single parent. I can guarantee it not by choice! Do I love my kids yes 100 percent. Is there rewards for doing it alone? Yes there are but the negative definitely out way the positive.

Always think your failing no matter how little the problem is. Your going to miss important things because you have to work. You must go to work ,because no work no pay! The day of going to watch your kids play sports is over. You will always feel like you kids are missing out on things because either you have to work or you have no money. Your the adult your always suppose to fix things. Your suppose to make it happen. Sometimes you just can’t. There is that chance you meet some one and maybe they meet your kids. Then they will break up with you. Then you have to feel like you failed once again. I will talk about a little later. There are times you will go to bed hungry because you don’t want yo eat the food in the house. You always want to make sure the kids have food and what they need. Your needs come last or never at all.

I remember coming home once after losing my job. I was shaking I was so upset. I had failed my kids. I lost my job that paid the rent and put food on the table. I remember my youngest hugging me saying it’s ok mom we will figure it out. They never ever lost hope in me. I think I am much harder on myself then they ever are. I think the worse is being at at store praying I have enough money to get my groceries in my cart. I will stand there and remove most of the stuff I had gotten for myself. I can get it later maybe.

When I was married money was no issue. I was never judged for being a person who didn’t have money. That quickly changed with divorce. I have been judged my law enforcement. That I am a single mom living in a not so good neighborhood because it all I can afford. My boys have also been judged for that also.

No day is ever “normal’ never. Life is always crazy. Some days worse then others. I have been able to enjoy my kids a lot more. My boys were my world I didn’t do any thing. I didn’t date much. I never tried to replace there dad. That being said you can tell my boys were raised my a single mom. Many people would not not approve how I raised them.

Bills pile up that I can not pay. I used to curse my ex. It took me years to realize it’s not his fault it’s mine. I should of never been dependent on him. I should have made my own money.

No one could ever understand the struggles of being a single parent. Unless you have done it your self. I thought I chose a guy who would never leave his family. That’s what he always said. He changed his mind and left us. I was not given a choice. I would never ever chose to be a single parent. No one would!

It’s very odd how your life changes. Instead of making sure your spouse is happy. You focus all on your kids. I really got to know my boys when it was just the 3 of us. That being said I would rather be single mom struggling. Then with a mean controlling person. I guess on that case some may “chose’ to be a single mom.

Please do me a favor never ever judge a single parent.

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