Single what it really means

It means being good with one income always! It means never having any one to help ever. I always get a kick out when people say I think I will be alone forever. Really??? It’s not all it cracked up to be. Yes you can do what ever with who ever and when ever you want. You don’t have to answer to any one. That part is great.

It also means not buying tickets to go some where because you have no one to go with. Missing out on stuff that you would love to go do but no fun alone. It’s coming home to empty house every day. It’s having no one care how your day was.

I really believe the people who say I think I will be alone forever. Have really never been alone for long. It’s like people who have curly hair want straight. People who have straight have want curly. We all tend to want what we don’t have.

Being single for 8 years I can tell you it’s not all that fun. It’s the having to go on dates that feel like a job interview. Yea you get to meet great people and you can to tell good stories.

I go to work every day even if I am sick. I have bills that I can’t pay. I am “living the American dream” I have house. I have bills I spend more then I make. Not to hard since wages are so low. Also still no one to help me prof read my blogs. So I will say sorry now for grammar mistakes and spelling.

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