I should come warning label. Don’t get to close! It’s ok with just a few clicks I can be gone. Block it’s the best way to make me go away. I never realized how forgettable I am till resonantly. Just with a click I can be gone from your life. You are still on my mind. You can’t make me forget about you.

I really thought you were my friend. I know a friend would never turn there back on a friend. That makes me sad. I have only known you for such a short time. I have no idea why I can’t just block you from my thoughts. It’s much easier to block some one on a phone or social media. I call you I leave a voicemail just to let you know I have not forgotten about you.

I can imagine that you have not listen to any or care to. You most likely think I am a crazy person. That’s ok with a click you don’t ever have to talk to me again. You are free of me. Your life is better off with out me confusing you. You can go on with your life and try to heal and find some one that is right for you.

We crossed lines that should never of been crossed. If I could turn back time I would fix that. We all no we can’t we can just learn and move on. I may never speak to you again. Really what would be the point.

I have to move on realizing I lost a friend and there is nothing I can do. I can learn from my mistakes. Learn to never cross lines. I wish nothing but the best for you. You can block me. You can not block me from thinking about you.

I am going to post this blog with no edits. I had 2 people helping me. They are both unable. Due to my learning disability. It’s very hard for me to write a blog with no one to help. If your reading this and you want to help me please let me no.

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