Let’s play

I am going to play a game. I am going to hide in this hole. I wonder who will look for me first. How long will it take for someone to realize that I am not around? I have no idea if anyone will even look for me. Will I be a missing kitty that no one misses? For the most part, I travel the world alone. I can’t think of anyone that needs to see me everyday. I didn’t really think this through, I didn’t bring any food with me.

I can hear people talking, they have no idea I am in this hole. They are just hanging out with no idea that I am here. Well, I am sleepy so I am just going to sleep.

I have no idea how long I was in that hole. My tummy woke me up. So I came out, looked around. Didn’t seem like anyone was looking for me. I wonder how long I was in there. I am going to get some food, something to drink, then head back. While out, I see a few tomcats. They don’t see me or, if they did, they didn’t care. Ok, back in my hole I go. Who am I hiding from? I guess I am trying to figure out if anyone noticed if I would disappear. I remember long ago I went to kitty jail. That nice man found me. He was so happy and so was I.

I made a promise to him that I would never run away again. Then he left me. He left me to figure out this world alone. I just want to lay on his bed with that nice soft blanket he let me use. I loved that blanket. The ground is so hard and cold. A few others have taken me in but I just was not the same. I would rather just stay in this hole that I have found. No one can hurt me here. I am lonely and I would love for someone to pet me and rub my tummy.

I hear a tomcat say, “Hey, kitty, where are you?” Wait, is he talking about me? Is he looking for me? I poke my head out. He comes running to me. He says, “I have been searching for you.” I had no idea who he was. I said, “Why are you looking for me?” He said, “I am here to make you play.” I said, “I am too old to play, I just want to stay in my hole.” He said, “You were in the hole for awhile. I saw you playing with that other cat. You looked so happy. I wanted to find happy like you.” I said, “Well, he found someone else to play with.” He said, “Good, now I can play with you.” I said, “OK, that sounds fun, let’s play and find food.” So when I stopped searching for someone, they found me!

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