Sorry kitty!

So I was out and about, licking my wounds. I found this other cat.  He looked sad. So I figured he must have an idea on how it feels to be left. We had lots of fun together. He found me some great food to eat and some great places to find good things to drink. He kept me warm when I got cold. He found me a great bed to sleep on. It’s just what I needed to distract me from the pain I was feeling. He helped me with the damn cats that were still just chasing squirrels.

One night, he did not come by and check on me. I got lonely and sad. Was I really missing him or was the pain just coming back? I figured he must’ve found another kitty to hang out with.

The next day I saw him, I got so happy he came back to me! We ran around chasing each other. I just knew one night he would leave and not come back. I didn’t want to think about it. I just wanted to enjoy the fun I was having. The thought of him going away made me sad.

I just want to have fun and play and try to be happy. He would go away for a few days. I would try playing with other kitties. They were not fun like him. Then I got mad.  Why did he have to make me happy just to leave me?

Then he came back and played but this time he was not as nice. I could tell he had been playing with another kitty. I new our time was limited. I tried to find someone else to play with.

He told me, “Sorry, this other kitty is more hurt then you and needs me more.” Just like that, he was gone…

Left again! I have heard it all now. I am just not the right kitty for anyone. How many times can one kitty be left? Am I not nice enough? Am I not fun enough? Maybe not smart enough. I have heard it all now. I wonder if that other kitty knows how much he hurt me.

I hope she doesn’t let him hurt her like he did me. She most likely not a kitty people leave. I will just roam around alone. Try to find those kitties that are busy chasing squirrels. They usually make me feel better. Maybe I will just keep walking until I find my happy place. Starting to think there is no happy place, that people will come and go out of my life…..

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