Bad kitty!

I was homeless so I was just kinda bouncing from house to house. I came into the house pretty late. I didn’t think any other kitties were there. The man welcomed me in. He said, “Poor kitty, you look sad. I will get you some food and give you a nice bed to sleep in. Kitty, you need a bath, you look like you have gotten into something bad.”

He washed me up and made me smell so good. It didn’t feel right, I did not feel like I belonged. I was so tired.  I had been running all day. He fed me some good food. I said, “OK, I will sleep here only tonight. When that big ball of light shines, I am out of here!”

Well, I didn’t make it that long. Before I could even open my eyes, I woke up to a really mad cat! She hissed at me and told me this was her home! I tried to tell her I was just resting, I was just tired. No time for that, this cat wanted my blood! I ran like hell! I’d rather be homeless then deal with that!

The man said, “I am so sorry, kitty, she ran away months ago. I never thought she would be back. Let me help you find a place to go.” I kept thinking about that place I went to once which my last guy called “kitty jail”. Hell no, I am not going back there!

So off I went looking for a new place to stay. Nothing seemed right. I just wanted my place back. I wanted him to feed me. I wanted him to just hold me. I thought I was past this. I already did this once or twice. What is wrong with me that I can’t find a forever home? I see all these cats, they all have nice homes with nice people who love them. What is wrong with me that every one leaves me?

For now, I will go and find somewhere safe. I need to stay safe. I don’t want to go to kitty jail. I don’t want to make any more kitties mad at me. Maybe I will go back to that empty house and see if he will come back. Maybe he realizes he wants me. Maybe he remembers he forgot to take me. For now, I am going back to that empty house and I will wait….

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