I couldn’t stand to just sit in this empty house anymore. So I to had venture out. I was out playing, just chasing birds and squirrels. I saw this kitty. He was just laying there. I walk up to him I said “Are you ok?” He said “No, not really, I have cuts all over me.” I said “Yea, me too, I stepped in some glass and cut my paws.” He said I jumped through a window. I felt so sorry for him I started licking his wounds.

At first he was ok with it. Then after a bit, he said “My wounds are too deep, you can’t heal them.” I told him that is untrue, all wounds can heal. I then let him lick my paws to try to heal my wounds. I told him let’s heal each other. His wounds were much deeper then mine. I wasn’t even sure if I could heal him. It took my mind off my own wounds and just focused on his. My paws would get better but then I walk too long or chase something and then they would hurt all over again. I couldn’t just sit here licking my own wounds when I knew his was so much worse.

I was so happy to see him out chasing a bird one day. I asked him “How are you?” He said “You are helping my wounds heal.” I told him “Be careful how much you do. The cuts will reopen and it will hurt all over again.” He said thank you for all your help.

We became each other saviors. We both had wounds, his much deeper then mine. Just laying with each other and licking each other wounds helped us heal. My paws still hurt and his wounds still hurt. So we help each other to look for food and places to stay. I hear people say time heals all wounds. Not sure about that because I know it’s been almost 8 years since I lost my forever home. The pain of that still affects me today. I hope in time we can both heal our wounds and we can find our forever home together. For now. We just take each night by night. Searching for the right place to go and licking each other’s wounds…..

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