Why??? I have no idea why you did what you did. I hope she is worth it. I was willing to love you forever. You thought it would be better. God, I hope so! You just gave up on the person that would be there for everything.

Knowing what I have been through, I thought you would be better than this. Nope your just the same if not worse.

I hope your new life is great and you find what you’re in search of. There was no need to end it like you did. I hope it all works out. Coming back to me is no more an option. Your future is no longer part of me.

I do not regret, not one kiss, not one night I spent with you. If I could do it all over again, I would.

Loving you came easy; letting you go… not so much. I would do anything to hear you say, “I miss you!” I would do anything to spend one more night with you.

I have to go on like you were never a part of me. How??? I’m not sure how, but you seemed to forget about me easily. I guess I am easy to forget.

No worries! I am not like all your other crazies. I will continue on with my life. Let you live yours as happy as you can be. Maybe I am crazy because I actually thought you loved me. Silly me.

I have to write this without your help. You no longer will help me. I just wish one day you would tell me how you felt, so I don’t think it was just me.

No matter how you feel. I love you! I don’t care how mean you are to me. It won’t change how I feel. You have to leave knowing you broke my heart. You did it! I just hope your future works out the way you plan. I will pray for all good things for you. You showed me a way to love like I have never have. No one will ever take your place.

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