Who Will I Be After You?

Can I just go back to who I was before that night? I now know I can love again. I now know how it feels to be loved. I miss you on nights you are not with me. Soon that will be forever. How can I find someone to take your place?

When I told you I loved you it felt so right; even though you don’t remember. You will always have a piece of my heart, no matter where you are. That piece is only for you. No other will have it. I have only given a piece of my heart, one other time. He still holds that piece and now you have another.

No matter who I am with, they will never have my whole heart. You hold the key to it. I will have to move on, even though I don’t want to. You had made it clear I am not part of your future.

I would move anywhere to be with you. I guess, as always, I missed the boat. Someone already found you. I didn’t realize how forgettable I am. How easy it is to leave me.

I do thank you, because you showed me how to love and be free. You showed me a way I can do both, be a mom and find love.

Just know when you see me with someone new, that you still hold a piece of my heart. My one piece I met 24 years ago; he still holds that piece and always will.

Do I regret the time we spent? No! Not at all. I would do anything to lay in your arms all night. You think being alone is fun. It is for awhile but you soon will see how lonely feels. Your heart will hurt. You will move on and seek love. I am sure you will find it. Just know they could never love you like I do. That I am still here, holding a piece of my heart for you.

If you sit there and stare at the ocean, just know that I am also staring at the ocean wishing I was with you. Will our oceans ever connect again? I guess we will never know. Can I ever forgive you for leaving? I don’t know? Will I ever find a love like you? I don’t know?

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