I search the crowd for what I don’t know? Soon I will be searching for your replacement. How do I find a replacement for my heart. Heart you chose to break? I am done caring it gets me no where. I gave you everything I had left, you stomped on it and danced. Left me standing there holding my heart in my hand with no care. Fuck you for not carrying. I hope it’s all and more then you dream about.

It’s starts to rain I think of you. I want to dance with you in the rain. How can you just leave me. All because a stupid ex really?????your leaving behind what could be the best thing in your life. No worries many men will try to fill your shoes. I don’t want them just you….., but you don’t want me. So keeps me searching for some one that wants my heart. I have so much to give but time after time no one wants it. You want to disappear then great that’s just what you will do in my heart. You have left a mark that you don’t care about. Not sure how some one could be so mean. I could not ever just leave you.

My life is not what you want.. I love my family and my new house. I live some where you never want to live. I guess the world just knows. We were never meant to be. The world needs to tell my heart. I just give up. The world will guide me to where I need to be. I love you are words I can never speak. I never felt it only now twice in my life. There is no need to say unspoken words. It will just hurt me more. You know what your doing. I hope you find what your searching for….,,.I also hope I find what I am searching for……,,even though I already found it……

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