There must be 200 people in here and I feel alone. Why is that? Have you ever been in a place with a crowd but yet feel alone? I have. Every one is talking and and having fun. I am sitting here watching every one. There is only one person I want to see tonight. He won’t be here. I thought I will go out and enjoy. Yet I sit her alone wondering what he is doing. I have never felt so alone before. I must no 20 people here. Yet I chose just to sit here alone.

I hear a great song. Look around to dance with you but I no there is no way. I no if you were here you would take my hand and lead me. I hear your voice say go dance. I get up find my way to floor. I dance like you are there. Many guys trying to take your place. I am only dancing with you. If you could see me now you would laugh at me. I no where ever I am you are with me. So I am never alone. Why do I feel so lonely when in a crowd? When I am home I bored when I go out I am lonely.

If I would if known that last dance was our last. I would of dance all night. I would of held you so tight. How could I of known? There was no way. How do I move on when our chapter wasn’t finished. If I could have just one more night with you holding me. I took so much for granted. Like tomorrow will always be there.

I know you would want me to be happy and find love. How do I love someone else when heart belongs to you? How do I tell my heart just to move on?

I didn’t even know I could love again. You fixed my heart. Then it shattered again. If love could bring you back to me. You would be dancing with me right now.

Till then I will dance and wait for my heart to love again.

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