The Story

It just ended! The book was so good. I waited for three years for it come out, then after a few chapters, it just ends. I had to read all the books just to get to this one. Why would it just end?!? Who would start such a great book and just stop? Why not at least write a few more chapters? Maybe I could write him a letter and tell him how I feel; tell him I really, really love this book and I want him to finish it. Maybe that was his plan all long, to make me read all the other ones…Just start this one that he knew I wanted for so long…just stop after a few chapters. I hope that was not his plan. It’s just not fair to me, and all his readers.

I heard that he found a new story to write about. He just left this, hoping to come back and finish it. This, by far, has been his best book. This could have been his one book that made him famous. Now we will never know. I guess he has other books, but they weren’t nearly as good as this one.

I found other books to read, but they were not his. I just love his style. I’m so mad at him, like I know him personally. lol. He let me down. It took me months to find another book that I even wanted to read. I get through a few chapters, and just put it down; something is always wrong with them. Some, I just lost interest. From time to time I would go and read his book; the few chapters he had finished, and I still want more every time I read it. He was so busy trying to find the perfect story, that he left the one that could have changed his life. Maybe someday he will finally finish it. Until then, I am still in search for a great book that will keep my interest to the end…….

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