Enjoy the Ride

There are some people in this world who, seriously, have never left the town they grew up in. There are people who sit as a passenger in their own life. There are the people who drive alone their whole life. Then there are the people who always need to have a passenger. I prefer both; I like to drive, but then I also like to be a passenger.

In another blog I wrote about my friends I grew up with, “The Crew” . One night I showed up at my best friend’s house with a full tank of gas and 100 dollars. I said, “Let’s go on a road trip!” He never asked where, or why, just “Ok!” He could tell I had been crying; it was bad day. We drove for hours and just talked and played music. No GPS, no cellphones back then. Still to this day, I have no idea what town we made it to. We pulled over and stayed in hotel, and woke up and drove back home, lol. Back then, I enjoyed the ride no matter where we were going.

Now that I am older, just enjoying the ride isn’t fun anymore. I want to know where we are going and how long we will be gone. I have had many road trips, some lasting long, some short, and some that seemed to take forever. When I had passengers with me, the time seemed to fly by, and I got out of my own thoughts for a while. Soon enough, my thoughts would come back and I would realize that the road is not straight; it’s got up and downs. As we pull over and look at map to see how far we have gone, and how much longer we have, I realize that you had your GPS on and knew where we were, even though you told me, “Just enjoy the ride.” We will get lost together. You seem to want to take the highway; the expressway “there”. I want to take my time and enjoy the back roads and the scenery.

So do I just sit back and not enjoy this ride, or do I get in my car and drive alone. So many cross roads on the side streets, and red lights, and traffic. Maybe I will find someone wanting to just get lost, with no GPS, and take the back roads. Maybe I can then sit back and enjoy the ride. Or maybe I just take the highway, for now, and enjoy it unti a toll comes. Then, when we stop again, we can see how far we have traveled. Until then, I will be lost in my thoughts, thinking about the scenery that you don’t want to see; wondering if maybe you will want to see some, at some point. If you realize no mater what road you take, if you take it alone, you will be lonely. As long as we are traveling together I can enjoy the road that we choose.

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