A Bird

My dad asked me one day, “If you could be anything, what would you be?” My answer, “A bird”….he says, “Why does everyone say that?” For me, the answer was easy. Can you imagine all the cool shit a bird has seen? If they get pissed, they just fly away. If they get cold, they go south. They have seen mountains and beaches. I mean really, I wouldn’t want to be a bug; when someone sees me they scream and try to kill me! I would hate to be a cat or dog and rely on someone to take me out and feed me. If you’re a bird, you just find your own food and poop on anyone you want. LOL

I would feel so free, if I was a bird. People would leave food out for me. So if you could be anything, what would you be? I would soar through the air. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/

I guess the biggest question would be, “What kind of bird?” A bird is a very general answer. I wouldn’t want to be a seagull, for sure; I refer to them as rat birds. Maybe a robin?…everyone is always happy to see a robin. Or maybe an eagle? I would be huge, and everyone would love me if they saw me. They would take photos of me.

I would soar so high that I would feel like I could touch the sky. Maybe I would be a duck and swim around all day? There are so many choices. How could I choose what kind of bird to be?

When I lived New Hampshire, I would see birds in the snow. I always wondered, why didn’t they fly south? Did they not realize it was going to snow? Did they get the short end of stick? Are they suppose to struggle? But they always seemed happy. They would just walk around looking for food. They would still sing a happy song every day. So I guess it doesn’t matter what kind of bird you are, they just seem to be happy, no matter what.

Some mornings I would wake up at 6 AM and walk my dogs. The world was still sleeping and the only sounds I hear are birds singing their morning song. They watch the sun come up, and the world wake up, and they watch the sun go down, again.

I would walk my dogs every day by this one particular tree. There was a bird living in this tree. Every morning I walked by and he would stick his little head out. I would say, “Good morning, little bird!” One day I go to walk by my little bird friend, and his tree was gone! Oh no! my poor birdie friend lost his home! I looked around, and saw they had chopped down all the trees to build something. Oh no! That poor bird! I hope he got out in time. I hope there weren’t babies in there. I was so sad that more trees were gone! A week later I was walking, and I heard a noise. I looked over, and saw it was my birdie friend. He found a new tree! Oh, thank God he was okay! The poor little bird had to start over from scratch, but he seemed happy, and was singing his morning song. I hope his new home stays.  It would be horrible if he lost another home. No matter what, birds always seem happy; another reason I want to be a bird.

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