The Chase

I think we have all met a person who is always chasing something. They are either chasing a bird, or squirrel, or that special kitty. No matter what, they are never happy with what they are doing, or what they have. They just want the chase. I think if people would just look around at what they had, they would be happy. It’s always good to have goals; that is fine, but if you just stop chasing that squirrel, it will come right by you. When you are so busy chasing, you can’t even realize that the squirrel was sitting next to you. I once knew a cat that had it all. He had a great house, with a great kitty, and cute kittens. He said, “One day I gotta go. I need to chase my dreams.” Even though he protected us, and fed us, he just left with no thought of us. That kitty is still out there chasing. In his chase, he has hurt a lot of kittys and kittens; all for the chase.

Why must people need a chase? Is it in our blood? Is it our nature just to need a chase? Is it how we are brought up? Why do we all feel the need to chase something? When does the feeling start? When we are kittens things are brought to us. We don’t need to chase anything. Just like a baby bird, they have it made, until the chase comes to fly away; then they get chased…my cats on the chase.

When I meet someone, and they seem happy, my thoughts are, “Don’t they want more? How can they just be happy? Ehere is there chase.” Then I think, “Maybe they are done chasing?Maybe they happy enough with life? Maybe they chased so much that they are just tired and want to be someone’s chase?”

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