Free Again!

So I was kicked out! Well not really.  I left but couldn’t find my way back. The guy who found me was so kind. He gave me everything I have ever wanted. He came home one day and said, “Kitty, I am sorry! I have to leave.” He said, “I am sorry things changed and I am leaving.”

So, no more waking up with that good food or loving he gave me before leaving. So again, I am free, but this time it feels different. I now know there is hope for someone to love me. I won’t bite the next hand that wants to feed me. I will be always be searching for that feeling I had with him. I hope I can find it. If not, I know I can survive alone. Once again, I find my cats that I had many years ago. They are always there to help. I am older now,  and can’t get food has fast as them. They will always make sure I am ok.

I was out sunning myself and I saw my guy. He hadn’t left yet. I came back and got some loving and food. Then I was gone again. I don’t want to get used to the safe feeling. I know before long, someone else will be there. Then I think, “Well, if I am real good kitty, maybe he will take me with him. How could he just leave me out here in the cold?”

I hear his voice. He says, “Silly kitty! Get in here! I can’t leave you!” He said, ‘”We’ll figure this out together. You make me so happy and not having you in my bed makes me sad.” Ok good deal! Just give me some good food and a comfy bed and I am good.

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