I took the road I was supposed to follow. It was dark and there were no street lights. I did see a sign ahead that read, “Road Closed.” I just kept driving, anyway. I was wondering how long I could get until it was closed. Maybe they had forgotten to remove the sign? I had been driving for a long time.

I saw another sign ahead,  “Danger!” What kind of danger? I went to look for myself, to see if there was another road near by.

No service of course! I was in the middle of nowhere! Yet, I still just kept driving. I had gone down this road for so long it would have been a waste of time to turn around, now. Then, I saw a hitchhiker.

What in the world?! Why was he out here in the middle of nowhere? On a road that warned it was closed? Well I wasn’t stopping; that was just crazy! Now I felt bad, because he was all alone. I thought, “Oh well! If I have to turn around, and if I see him again, I will pick him up.” Maybe I had taken the wrong road. I guess I would figure it out, soon enough. I had taken this road before, but it was a long time ago, and it was during the day. Why did things seem so much scarier in the dark? I hadn’t seen a sign for miles. I turned the radio on and I found a great song.

I just kept driving, and enjoying the ride. Then I saw a light on. My gas light was on! That was not good! It was so dark and I hadn’t seen anything for miles. I was going to end up like that guy!

My parents would have been so mad, “How do you not have a GPS, and extra gas with you?” I didn’t plan ahead. I didn’t think I would be on that road, for that long. I knew better. I should planned ahead.

Just as I was feeling scared and alone, I saw lights! Lots of lights! Gas station, and food, and I can pee! Thank God! Thank you for looking out for me!

I filled up, got some food, and emptied my bladder. Well damn! I could have driven for at least another 3 hours. I got ready to pull out. Should I go back the way I had came? I could go find the main road. Or should I just keep traveling that dark, lonely road, that could be closed? There was no reason to travel the same road; I would never get to where I was going. So I decided to head out on that very long and dark road, but right before I headed out, I saw that man.

I rolled down my window and asked him, “Where are you going?” He said, “I am just traveling. I am writing a blog on all my experiences. I count how many people pass me by.” I said, “I am sorry. I was one of them.” He said, “That is not a problem I wasn’t ready yet. The car behind you picked me up. I got out here because I think the person driving me was crazy.”

It was a little odd because I didn’t see a car behind me. Then again, I had been listening to music, and not paying attention. I said, “Well get in. But I am not sure how long this road is, or if it’s closed ahead.” He said, “That is fine. We can find out together.”

The road was not scary anymore, and now there were street lights and other cars. I had just met this man but we talked for hours like we have known each other for years.

Before I knew it, the sun was rising and the world had woken up. The man then said, “It was great traveling with you, but I have to go now.”

I was sad to see him go. I wanted him to just stay and travel with me. I knew this was not the road he wanted to be on. I told him that if we saw each other again, I would not pass him by next time.

Maybe our paths will cross again…


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