Deep Water

I was out swimming, enjoying the sun hitting my face, and playing in the waves, when all of sudden I was grabbed by something and pulled underwater. I was dragged out, way too far. I could no longer touch bottom. I instantly became terrified…and then I was in full-blown panic. I could see the top of the water but I just could not get to it. Something was pulling me down. I had no idea what it was.

My heart was beating so hard that I was losing my air. “OMG!!! Is anyone going to see that I need help?!” I realized immediately that I was all alone. and no one was there to help. Then I heard a voice it said, “Just relax.” Something about his voice…it just calmed me. He said, “Take my hand and I will get you to the top.”

I died last night…..

I woke up to the sun hitting my face. I was lying there on the beach. I was dry. Maybe it was a dream??

So I stood up and started looking around. My thoughts, “Well  if this heaven I won’t have my phone.” So I started looking to see if  it was near me. No phone. “Well….odd!” I started walking the beach. There was no one. I was all alone.

Well, there are footprints, so that means someone else had walked here before. I walked further and I see my phone. “Ok! ….so that’s good, I am alive! No way would I have this if I was dead. Where the hell am I ?!?” Maybe I needed to lie back down. Maybe this was also a dream? I wanted to feel safe again like I did with that man who saved me. “Who was he?”

I grab my phone, and try to find out where I am. “Is anyone missing me? Did anyone realize I was missing?”…Well of course, it’s dead!

I just walked and walked, and I saw more footprints in the sand. Maybe it was the man that saved me? “Maybe I’m supposed to follow them?”

I felt lost and scared and I was lonely. I just wanted to see someone. I guess this is how I always I thought I wanted to be; alone and free and no one needing me. Yet, I had it now and I was sad. I liked being needed and loved.

I was tired of walking alone, and even though I was still following the footprints I didn’t want to chase them anymore.

I must have laid down. I woke up to my dog barking to go outside. For the first time I woke up soooo happy that I was needed. I was even happy to go to work and see people.

I am so grateful for all of the people in my life ♡

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