Fad diets don’t work!

I’m not sure why nobody will ever listen to me. I stood my ground, and I always said that if I had to give up something that I loved, I would not lose weight.

After many, many, many failed bad diets, I had just given up! I had reached the highest weight I have ever been. After failing so many times, I was really upset. I was on my way to work and there was commercial on the radio talking about DNA testing, to tell you how to lose weight; what was good for your DNA.

I went in, they told me about it. It cost $120 dollars; the best money I have spent. It was world changing! My DNA test came back that it’s hard to lose weight. Also, that it was hard for me to keep it off. It more or less told me I had to do cardio six days a week. I needed to do it for 1 hour a day.

So I joined classes that I loved. Before I knew it, the weight started coming off, and kept coming off. The more weight I lost, the more motivation I had. It became like a drug and I needed my fix. Did I change my life? Yes! Did I give up anything? Nope! I did stop drinking. I would only have one drink a month if I hit my goal.

When your happy, good things happen. I smile a lot and I feel happy to wake up. I realize I can still have fun while not drinking. Fad diets do not work! Yes you lose weight, but if you don’t change your life, it will all come right back.

I have a very physical job, and some days my body hurts. When I get out of work, I hit the gym. So if you’re all saying I don’t have the energy you will! I use it to release stress. I feel amazing after a good work out. I am now working on the positive light in me. So instead of saying something negative, I try to say it positive. Instead of saying, “I have bad back.” Say, “I have a strong back.

Please listen to me! I have lost, and gained weight, so many times, but this time is different. I know what I have to do, and I must stick to it. I have a full-time job, 2 kids, 2 dogs and boyfriend. I have a very social life. I find time for ME. It’s so important. I can’t stress that enough. My DNA test came back that it’s bad for me to give up carbs. So before giving up carbs, maybe you should do your DNA test, first.

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