Cat fight

So here I am, laying in this nice place, and playing in the yard. I decide to take a nap outside, when I am woken by a cat fight. Now, I heard many cat fights before, but this time I just knew it was my cats! A mom just knows when her young are in danger. Before even thinking about it, I jumped the fence and ran to there to recuse them, just like I had been doing for the last 8 years! Why can’t these cats get it together; I was younger than them, when I had them! I told them I had found a new place to stay and it was so nice. Then I looked at them, and it looked like they haven’t eaten in weeks! I asked, “Have you even came down off the damn tree? Why do you chase something you no you will never get?” No “Thank you” for saving us…Nothing. They said, “Well, were is all this good food at?”

Now, I new the nice man that took me in and said he had another cat before me. So maybe he would be okay with the other two coming in. So I jumped the fence and let the other two in. I know this nice guy will be gone for a while. I’m not sure where he goes, but he comes home and he smells yummy, and sometimes has treats for me. I told them hurry get some food and some rest. I knew it would not be long until they saw a squirrel and will go chase it up a damn tree.

This life was not for them. They were not done chasing what they could not have. I was done chasing. I had done that for 8 years. I truly was happy getting petted by the same person every night; waking up in a nice soft bed and having my food and water filled. That made me happy. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I heard was him opening the door……Panic set in. Damn! Where are those cats they gotta go. I don’t want him to get mad. He could kick as all out! I heard him say, “Oh my! Who is this.” I ran under the bed. The other two were like, “This is new. Let’s see what he is like.” He then said they looked like me and he was happy to share his home with them. I was in shock. I came down, and he picked me up and kissed my head. Wow! This guy was special. The last house I lived in they kicked me and the kittens out. Well good! Now they know they can come back, but I was not ready to share my house yet.

So I went outside with them and it wasn’t 5 even five minutes until they saw a bird or a squirrel and they were gone again. That’s okay. I knew they had rested and got food. I was ready to get some cuddle time, so I purr myself to sleep in a nice comfy bed. I was out in the yard and I thought to myself, “Wow! This man is trustworthy. I mean I could jump the fence when ever I wanted.” The last house I was in they would never even let me outside. Why would I want to leave? I have everything I want. I guess knowing that I could leave when I want makes me happy.

One day I was sitting by the window and I saw him talking to another cat! I thought, “Oh here we go. He is going to bring in it.” It was younger then me. Maybe it was even nicer! I then went into attack mode. No other cat is going to come in to my safe house! Then he came in empty handed and I was so happy. He said, “Don’t worry kitty, only you and the ones that look like you, are coming in.” How did I get so lucky to find this nice guy. Well I guess he found me. I was roaming around lost and scared….

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