Finding The Forever

I was out wondering in the world, free, for eight years. Well, not free I had two kittens…well, now cats. I was always the one finding food and shelter for us. They were always so busy climbing the trees and chasing after the squirrels.They were so busy chasing squirrels and climbing trees that they really didn’t care where I was, until they came down and were hungry. Even then, they would roam around until the skies got dark and it would rain. They always knew I would find shelter for us.

I was happy…I guess I mean that people would pet me and make me feel good. But if they got too close I would scratch them and run away. When I tried to get into their house a few times, they would say, “Um…Well, you’re cute but you gotta go.” It was fine. I had to go find the other two cats that needed me. I had always thought of myself as a lioness taking care of her cubs. But really all I was…was a scared little cat. I thought I wanted a nice strong cat to take care of me, but really I didn’t. Tom, the male cat, would come around from time to time. He would cuddle with me and make me feel safe. Every time I would wake up from a nap he would be gone. When ever I needed a Tom cat they were always around. I would see these other cats that got to live with people. They always seemed happy, but then they would always tell me how jealous they were of me. I could go anywhere, and do anything; True…but I was lonely, and I was tired of struggling to find food and shelter. I remember a time when I had a bed to sleep in and someone bringing me food. All I wanted to do was run and be free. For the past 8 years I have been trying to find a way back into a house, but this time I want them to love me. I would have to be nice, and no scratching them; let them love me. What about my other two cats I have with me? What if they only wanted me? I guess they were busy climbing trees and they most likely would come find me somehow. I was walking by a mirror and I saw this big fat cat. OMG!!! Was that me?!? How did I get so fat?!? I should have been climbing the trees with the other cats. Well, let’s start by chasing squirrels. I need to get my body back in shape so someone will let me in, and love on me.

So that’s just what I did. I ran, and ran, and found that the other cats were younger so they could run faster and climb the trees higher. They showed no interest in finding a home, so I guess I was on my own.

One day I was out sunning my new, fit body, and this man said, “Hey kitty!” (Oh wait, that’s me!) I ran up to him. I let him pet me and I felt safe. Next thing I knew, he picked me up. OMG!!! Is this happening? Am I going to find my forever house?

At this point, I knew the other two had no interest and were busy playing, so I let them be. He took me in, and played with me, and fed me some really good food. He would tell me how happy I made him,  and how he had just lost his kitty. He told me he would be here for a few years, and I was welcome to stay as long he was here. I’m not sure how to handle the two cats that would later come find me. I was just going to live in the moment and enjoy getting attention and love. I have never felt like such a special kitty before…….

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