A girl with no tattoos….

A person with no tattoos tells more of story then one with tattoos. They hide there scars rather then showing them. They can make up the past to what they want. I have been asked so many times why don’t you have any tattoos? My answer is always I have commitment issues that’s why I am divorced. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I have a problem with people seeing any part of me. It’s my story and I can tell it how I want. I have no marks to identify me or my past.

My ex best friend who tried to take my life away from me changed her name. She still had the tattoo to prove who she really was……She changed the town she lived in and her name. She changed her story so the church would except her. She became my ex husbands wife. She covered up the tattoos for awhile but eventually she got tired of hiding them. She moved on got a new tattoo and husband……Who I am today might not be who I am in 20 years from now. The person I was 20 years ago isn’t the person I am today. Yes you can pay to remove the tattoo but you will always have the scar. My past is only what I tell you I decide what parts I tell you. Next time you see some one with no tattoos wonder what are they hiding. What part of them can not see….. keep following my blogs to learn more.

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