Testing the water…..

Some times I like to test the water to see how far I can get in. With out getting my toes snapped off by a crab….

I am not sure why I do it. Maybe I just want to see how much I can push it. Then when the crab bites me I get sad. I guess I am used to swimming with sharks so I never want to test to much.

Maybe that’s why I have been swimming in the pool safe from all things that can hurt me. Sometimes I will get in and big wave will knock me off feet and carry me out. At first I am happy maybe this time I will be with dolphins. But soon the fear of a shark and I panic and start swimming back as fast as I can. As I put my feet down I get bit by a damn crab. Then I think of how at peace I was. Swimming out there with no fear and hopeful I would see a dolphin. I have to get past all the crabs and stones that hurt me to get out there again. Maybe I belong swimming in pool where I am safe and nothing can hurt me. I like testing the water out to much I like to see how far I can go. Maybe this time there will only be dolphins….if I can get the sharks out of my head……

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