Ok… here is my story how I became happy! In May I had moved in to a new place where I am currently living at the moment. It had rained I swear for 40 days and 40 nights no joke. I was working some where as cook and I was miserable! It paid the bills so what ever. I was walking my dogs one morning like I do every day. My dog had pulled me I then slipped in the mud. I guess I put my hand down to catch myself. I then felt the most pain I think I have ever felt. I called my son to please come help me. He came to my rescue took the dogs I then came home tried to change my clothes I was covered in mud. I could not pull up my pants it hurt so bad. My son then had to help me. I got in to the car and drove to work with tears flowing down my face. I knew it must of been broken. I didn’t know what to do I new I couldn’t do my job but I had to. Single moms can’t get hurt! I walked in I couldn’t even swipe in it hurt to bad. I then had to tell my boss. She drove me to ER 2000 dollar bill I could not pay. I knew this was the end I knew my job was over. Long story short I lost my job. So I get unemployment 46 dollars a week what a joke! Here I am in a cast bone broke in 2 places and no job and bills just piling up! I could not cook with a cast on something I have done for 12 years now what? So I applied to job I have now. It’s in retail I refer to as hell lol. The money is good and benefits are free. It’s actually the most easiest job I have ever had and pays 2.50 more then where I was before I broke my arm. My mom had came down to visit and I told her mom I need to lose weight it really bad. So I looked up this place that had pills and b12 shots I made an appointment and went I got weighed In I was 182.5 holy shit never have weighed that not being pregnant! I signed up same day I said mom I really want to join a gym with classes that is what works for me. I went to gym and signed up that starts the story.

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