2 broken hearts healing each other

As I lay there naked in your bed I wonder is this what happy feels like? We both have been wronged by so many others. I didn’t believe my heart could ever heal. I should of jumped out of bed got dressed and rushed threw traffic to go work out. The thought of leaving your bed made me sad. I felt at peace just laying there with you rubbing my back. A feeling I am not used to. Then reality hit when my cell rang. My son had gotten in trouble and was in school suspension for the day. Then the guilt of not being home with them was on my mind. For so many years it was just the boys and I. Wishing I could be in 2 places at the same time in your arms and with my boys. I had found happy and I wasn’t going to do anything to mess this up. I had gave up so much over the years. What made you change your mind about me I might never no. So many times I remember talking to you and telling you how wrong the people you were with. I had been your friend for years. You decided to cross the friend line and give me a try. Making me very happy in every way. I was on my way to hell. I call work hell lol. My cell rang it was my old Roomate from years ago. He said he wanted to reach out to me because he was so happy for us. He said I have never seen you so happy and you look so great. This coming just days after one my close friends pulled me a side the other night. He had tears in his eyes and said I can’t tell you how proud I am of you. You are just so happy you have changed your life so much in such a positive way. In my next blog I am going to post what changes I have made and how I did it. When your happy in your life good things happen. Can’t wait till I am laying in your bed naked again……

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